Hello Interested Student,

Learning from the Masters simply never gets old. For the use of Drawing & Dynamic Symmetry is endless in it's scope of expression. As a student of Myron Barnstone, there in his Barnstone Studios, I gleaned a solid foundation in this tradition of classical drawing & design along with a way of seeing. 

As Master Instructor in the Drawing & Painting Studio at the Mesa Arts Center, I offer these ongoing Graphic Arts classes: The Artist's Secret Geometry workshop along with my Seeing Thru the Masters weekly semester class. Register here.

The Artist’s Secret Geometry

DaVinci said “To develop a complete mind: study the Science of Art; study the Art of Science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”  This introductory workshop will present the geometry of Dynamic Symmetry & the Golden Section along with the ideas behind it. Through demonstration and hands on work the student will begin to see and gain insight & understanding into the underling structure and design used by Masters such as Michelangelo and Van Gogh. No drawing experience necessary, all interested students welcome, simply bring an open mind and the required supply list.

Seeing Thru the Masters 

This design & composition class of classical tradition, will guide the student to an understanding of the design systems used by the Masters. Rubens, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh & Sargent are among those we will study. Through learned analysis students will hone their eye and begin to see how art works are formalized and how the use of dynamic symmetry is applied. Once achieved, students will be encouraged to draw a copy of a master work using all newly gleaned information.

I am always interested in sharing this information and would be happy to adapt a presentation to you and your organization’s wants and needs. Be it a short 2 hour informative demonstration or perhaps a 2 day intensive, I would love to talk possibilities. Please contact me and let's see to work out something fun and interesting, tailored to your group.

As a Barnstone Master Guide, I am happy to work one on one with those students seriously interested in this solid course of Drawing & Design study. 

So very pleased and proud to have several pieces of my artwork included as example in this free download PDF written by fellow student of Barnstone Studios via the DVDs. A thanks to Jim Cowman at Dynamic Symmetry Art, for a job so very beautifully done.
For personal consultation, portfolio assessment & direction please contact me.