Environment? Genetics? Karma?                 I've got my theories.

Seems from the get go I was always wondering "why?" and seemingly compelled to understand and order the world around me. Why is that? As a kid on solitary walks in the woods behind our PA home I pondered and became aware of patterns. Back in the '70s, while in my 'tweens, I heard somewhere Native Americans believed that all things were connected ... in relation. Hmmm, it rang true to me and added a foundation to my thoughts. Looking into the night sky, consumed by its vastness, a breath caught in my chest. I so small., was filled with awe and wonder. Enveloped in feeling, a knowing, a soft ripple from within calling a truth that I was a part of a much greater whole, the Great Mystery, So, I set my course as I wondered, "how does this work?".

Point to point relationships ... infinite possibilities

This is my life's work. With a firm understanding of Dynamic Symmetry & my use of the Golden Section, gleaned from my studies with Myron at his much lauded Barnstone Studios, this Science/Math of design forms the foundation of my Art. Bringing me a solid expression of my understanding of Creation. Everything is related. No thing arbitrary. While I tend to the technical aspects of bringing these pieces to the page it is something much greater than myself that compels me to see and capture what I do. It is my hope through these efforts to cause the viewer to pause and to touch something within them that rings true.

My charcoal drawings have garnered Awards on a National level and are held in both Private as well as Permanent Collections. My work is always happy to find wonderful new homes. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I'd be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Many Blessings,